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How to Scare the Shit out of a QA Person in 3 Easy Steps

Google Chrome (and now also Firefox 4) have the useless little feature of allowing the user to resize any <TEXTAREA> on a page.
I’ve found the perfect use case for it:

1. Go to a page in your website that contains a <TEXTAREA>, like my Delver profile page:

2. Drag the corner of the <TEXTAREA> until reaching a particularly obnoxious appearance:

3. Now make a screenshot and send an email to your favorite QA person.
This is the part where you should really get creative. Here’s my suggested format:


OMG crazy UI bug in profile page – ON PROD!!


Hi [QA person name],
Check this out (found on my profile page in PROD).

I can’t *believe* we missed this and let it reach production this way. Please handle ASAP. Bug should be assigned as “critical”!

[Your name here]

You should also CC the QA team manager on this.

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